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A Pro-1 Live Scan & Notary Service provides computerized fingerprinting services, FBI Cards, Passport Photos and Notary Services. The Livescan system digitally captures fingerprints and transmits them directly to the California State Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation Immediately


Many industries are now requiring background checks of individuals as a prerequisite for employment. Background checks can be most efficiently initiated through electronic fingerprint submission to the California Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigations by a process called "Live Scan". California Department of Justice no longer accepts the old messy ink cards.

All fingerprint impressions submitted to the DOJ must be taken by an individual who is and has been certified under the DOJ program and must have a Cerificate prominately display at the site which also means and indicates that the indidvidual who is taking your prints has been background cleared and screened by both law agencies.

Weprovide professional, confidential and reliable services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We know your time is valuable, so we will come to you anytime day or night.

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How It Works?

What you will need to bring when you receive live service!

A live scan form should be provided to an applicant by the prospective employer or the agency requesting the background check. The applicant brings the completed form to a live scan facility (certified fingerprint roller approved by the Department of Justice). All applicants must provide valid identification at the time of the live scan service.

The live scan operator inputs the information provided on the form into a special software program, as well as scans the applicants fingerprints into the program. There are codes on the form provided by the DOJ that enables them to designate what is needed and where to send the information when the operation is completed and after an applicant's data is retreived.

How and when To Pay For Your Live Scan fingerprinting!

If the live scan application is for licensure, in most case the applicant is expected to pay the costs themselves. However, in some case if the application is for the purpose of a pre-employment background check, the prospective employer may opt to cover the DOJ and the FBI fee, but, never the rolling fees (Live scan facility fees) which will vary from facility to facility.

The DOJ and the FBI will process the prints and information and will send the results to the requesting employer or agency or you in some instances.
Live scan is an inkless, electronic fingerprinting procedure where prints are captured on a scanner and processed in a computer software program especially designed to digitize the minutiae of the fingerprint.